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Lenovo ThinkPad X230T: The Last X Series Tablet PC

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This is the last ThinkPad Tablet PC made in this form factor. Come learn about its features and whether an expensive, well-built Tablet PC is right for you.

Maintenance Manual:

Auto Rotate Driver Fix Windows 10:


Looking for one yourself? Check eBay and your local classifieds. Amazon also has a series of parts and machines. By purchasing from the links below, as an Amazon and eBay Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases that goes to supporting the channel.


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If you are looking for the latest and greatest version of this laptop, I suggest heading over to Lenovo’s website to see what they have been up to recently. As a member of the Lenovo Affiliate Program, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through this link.

Lenovo Canada (General) (ThinkPad)

Lenovo USA (General) (ThinkPad)


0:00 Introduction
1:12 Specs
2:57 Ports
5:49 Disassembly
10:15 Buyer’s Guide
12:14 Conclusions

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  1. I have the x230t, and the mini dock with 4 display outs and usb 3 i can CONFIRM that the Usb 2 ports do not work (none of them), only displayport/dvi port 1 works, and USB 3 does work through the dock. That's all I tested.

  2. I am watching this on my x201T. There are some 230Ts up for grabs at a local store but I am not sure it is worth it. I can add US 3 with the Express Card slot but I am wondering how much longer it will be before 8GBs of RAM becomes an issue. Modern browsers especially are absolutely ridiculous on memory usage.

  3. Can I use this without docking station, but with dual monitors, and using the device's keyboard rather than periphereal one? The reason I ask, is it requires me bending the screen down and back to a flat position. Is that an okay position for the longevity to use? Would you reccomend I turn around the screen first, before plopping it down, so it's face down?

  4. It's amazing the love for this model (and believe me, I'm there with everyone else.) By today's standards it really feels kludged together to me — Guess these days I'm used to slates posing as a laptop, not a laptop acting like a slate. Sure, mine is semi-retired, but no way am I giving mine up 🙂

  5. Great video! I bought my X230T two years ago and other than the battery, it's still going strong. I upgraded the RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB, replaced the hard drive with a 240 GB SSD, and I also added a 256 GB mSATA SSD. Currently running Windows 10 on the 240 GB and Xubuntu on the 256 GB. I cannot ask for more with this machine. After replacing the battery and the CPU paste, this laptop could still soldier on for a few more years.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I bought mine many years ago brand new as a spare because I just love the keyboard and wanted to keep it as a collector laptop. Only issues I found is the fan noise and also with the screen is HD. Is the fan noise a common issue for X230T? Even not for heavily used, the fan turns on as soon as logged into windows 10. Thanks

  7. I got an x230t with the i7, and it’s great. It does have a problem, that is that it just turns off instantly at random. I think it’s an overheating issue, and I’ll have to check this at out, but I’m so happy that there are actually fairly modern videos of this wonderful Thinkpad.

  8. I'm also having x220t but it is having some prob can anyone solve the prob for me, battery is dead, when i plug the adapter it runs only 40 to 45 min with battery (without battery not even a min) and automatically turns off after that no power (low power) till 2 to 3 hours then same cycle repeats plz in need of help
    Thank's in advance

    I7 2nd gen
    16gb ram
    500gb hdd

  9. i need help if anyone notices
    just yesterday i recieved a blue vertical line left of the center, it was all fine until it appeared.

    checked cable, fine
    checked ribbon and connector, fine
    external display, no issue

    i dont know how it happened, just randomly. i read somewhere about a similar problem in wacom tablets.

  10. Weldone sir

    Nice content

    I got a ThinkPad S230u…
    So was trying to twick the graphics memory through the bios

    But it doesn't have the advance bios settings like the x220 you uploaded some time ago

    Was wondering if the advanced bios file would work for the s230u

  11. X230T has been a great laptop. I bought mine new in 2013
    and has been put through heavy use, only problem I have is that it only works on power
    I replaced the battery and it wasn't a battery problem.
    Have been using Linux Mint on it for the last 2 years

  12. I had one of these as my workhorse when I worked in IT back in 2015. Used it for 3 years running Windows 7 Enterprise, then Windows 10 the last few months. I had the i5 variant with 8GB of ram and we had paid for the 120GB SSD. I had a docking station for it, but didn't use it much. Worked great in the field diagnosing IT issues and testing AV equiptment. Tough as nails. We had a fleet of 30 of these things, and after all these years I think we still had 15-20 of them still working by the time I left. I'm not much of a lenovo fan but I do miss my X230T in some way due to its versatility.

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